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Jan 5, 2013 7:00am PST
meeting between the president and the speaker, it was in 2011 when eric canter walked out of vice president biden's talks. the lieutenants were empower and the strategy was all in the rooks which is why this week, there we were again on the brink walking up to the cliff and peering over and collectively w wondering what would happen next. in the 11th hour, vice president joe biden was called to the hill to find a deal with mitch mcconnell, and why was the deal shaky? because of one message, canter is a no. the lieutenant broke with the speaker and brought along another 150 members of the house the vote no on the deal compared to the 84 republicans who voted for boehner to vote for it. biden has won this round on behalf of the administration, but lieutenant canter has made it clear, he plans to keep the battle ranging at the table with many, editor-in-chief of reason magazine matt welsh and president and vice president is carmen wong ulrich, and i'm excited to welcome to nerdland fresh off of the swearing in not 48 hours ago, the representative from arizona's ninth district kirsten
Jan 1, 2013 7:00pm EST
money to spend. we think that's a bad idea. >> reporter: republican majority leader eric canter told reporters he did not support the bill in its current form. >> do you opposely -- do you oppose the bill? >> reporter: the agreement postpones the harsh across-the- board spending cuts for a few months. they make permits for individuals making $400,000 a year and families making $450,000. the white house set vice president joe biden here on capitol hill to try to broker a deal just like they did in the senate. house democrats are welcoming their help. >> they worked very hard to come to a compromise. and by definition they have elements in it that each party does not like. >> i think we've made gigantic progress. i hope that we have a bipartisan agreement as we go forward. >> reporter: even though the country officially went over the fiscal cliff at midnight monday, the senate version of the bill makes all tax cut extensions retroactive to the beginning of the year. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >>> if the house amends the senate version of the bill, it goes back to the se
Jan 2, 2013 1:35am EST
republicans lead in part by virginia eric canter who said no because they believe the legislation does not have enough spending cuts. some spending cuts feel like they will be too great. among them eight district virginia congressman who represents 65,000 federal employees, who believes that the president gave away too much in the negotiation. he spoke on the house floor two months ago. our producer has selected a part of the speech and the remarks of the maryland democrat who favors the legislation. >> we're going to have to deal with the debt sailing. we're going to have to deal with the continuing resolution, expiration, and we're going to have to deal with the sequester. all that's left is spending cuts. so the only question we have to ask ourselves is what programs do we cut and how deep do we cut them? we need to look back on this night and regret it. >> reporter: but this night we take a step. a positive step. the people watching us mr. speaker on television tonight, and reading about their congress tomorrow and seeing that we were able to act, not perfectly, but in a bipartisan fas
Jan 1, 2013 8:00am PST
leader eric canter says no decision has been made on whether the house will vote on the measure that passed the senate earlier this morning. do you expect a vote today? >> i do expect a vote today though it is still very much in question what we'll have to vote on, whether it is exactly what the senate passed or the house will take up amendments to it. i would strongly caution the house republicans that if they do amend this, if they monkey around with what the senate agreed to on a very strongly bipartisan basis, they'll need to put up the votes to pass it. i'm not sure they can do it. it may die in the senate if they do it and if they do that they will own this and own the real going over the cliff. so it's a pretty precarious balance already. i would encourage them to take up what the senate passed. it has plenty to like and plenty not to like about it. a lot of it gives me indigestion. but my primary concern is that we not go back into another recession. i think this does have the merit of avoiding the potential of a double dip recession. >> you say a lot of it gives you indigest
Jan 1, 2013 7:00am PST
more, eric canter has said they are not sure if they will vote on it today. we're just waiting to see what happens. let's talk about last night. vice president biden was on the hill. biden and senate republican leader, mitch mcconnell, they both worthed together very closely to work out -- worked together to work out this compromise. and we now know that individuals making more than 400,000 and families making more than $450,000 will see their taxes go up. and while those automatic spending cuts are delayed until the beep ginning of march, the cost -- beginning of march, the cost of the delay, $24 billion. they will pay for that with spending cuts and new revenue that will all offset the -- the cost of delay. 89-8 an overwhelming vote. one other piece of information we also know that vice president biden will be back on the hill. he will be meeting with house democrats as they try to move forward and see what they are gonna do with this fiscal cliff package. tori, back to you. >> all right, rene marsh, live in washington, d.c. >>> now, the senate vote also avoids the so-called dairy c
Jan 2, 2013 11:00am PST
priority for the administration. i spoke to majority leader canter today. i think eric was working as hard as he could to get this done for us throughout the weekend and the early part of this week. and i had a conversation with the speaker this morning where he informed me he would be meeting this afternoon with members of the new jersey and new york delegation from the republican party. so as to what's gone on, i think you have seen a lot of palace intrigue down there and i think unfortunately folks are putting politics ahead of their responsibilities. and, you know, listen, i understand it is challenging as a politician to stop playing politics. but we have jobs to do. and i've been confronted with this situation a number of times, in the time i've been governor. you do the right thing for the people who sent you there. enough with all the politics. michael. >> governor, is it that they don't want to pass a bill to spend money at the same time as they're challenging the obama administration -- spending? >> you have to ask them. i was given no explanation, michael. i was given no ex
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)